Muslin Swaddle Baby Blanket – 1 Piece


Single Blanket – Purchase the individual blanket covered with the Bible verse for just $18.

  • 70% bamboo/30% cotton
  • 47″x47″ oversized blanket

Beauty, function and meaning collide in this ultra comfortable multi-purpose swaddle blanket that’s sure to become an heirloom.

These swaddles are perfect for the mom who seeks items that are beautiful, functional and meaningful. This isn’t your mother’s pink or blue rattle design blanket, this is something you will love to look at for years to come. If minimalism is your style, the versatility of these blankets makes it the perfect choice!


Product Details

COMFORT: Swaddle baby softly in this comfortable, cozy fabric that is perfectly gentle against baby’s sensitive skin. This breathable swaddle blanket reduces the risk of overheating. Not all swaddle blankets are created equal, fabric choice makes all the difference. Here is why our fabric is your best buy:

  • Our muslin swaddle blanket is made in 70% Bamboo + 30% Cotton which is softer, lighter, and skin-friendly.
  • Made without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, our cotton is pure and made without harsh chemicals, feeling incredibly soft on baby’s skin.
  • Washes well, holding up wash after wash, and stays true to size for perfect fit, this will last longer and stay softer with every wash.

FUNCTION: Swaddling is one of the most gentle, effective, and beneficial practices for parents and children both! Recreates the secure and cozy feeling of the womb, allowing for a more peaceful night’s sleep. Moms also use this lightweight multifunctional blanket as:

  • a nursing cover
  • car seat and stroller cover
  • a burp cloth
  • security blankets as their child enters toddlerhood
  • Multipurpose blanket for changing, picnics, clean play blanket
  • Tapestry decoration for nursery or baby announcement or party.
  • Even a wearable scarf for mom!
  • This super-sized 47″x47″ is provides versatility as a nursing cover, stroller cover or playmat.

BEAUTY: The gorgeous watercolor art on each blanket will captivate both mother and child. The set of two blankets coordinate but are each unique.  One design carries the bible verse “For this child I have prayed” framed in tropical foliage, and the second one is covered with that same fresh, modern tropical foliage design without the sentimental verse. These are so beautiful you’ll want to hang them up as tapestry-art in your baby’s nursery.

MEANING: This blanket with a Bible verse that says: “For this child I have prayed” Holds so much value for parents who have prayed for the baby for so long! It is a dream come true, so the significance of the words has great sentimental value. The meaningful Bible verse, “For this child I prayed” will be a sweet reminder for parents of their precious baby who is their dream come true. The blanket is sure to become a sentimental heirloom.

PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT: Gorgeous and practical, every new Mom-to be or Dad-to-be will fall in love with this meaningful, multipurpose gift. Beautiful enough to use as a decoration for baby announcements, parties or nurseries. Useful enough to use for years.  Very nice quality muslin that softens with each wash. This makes the perfect special baby shower, Baptism, Christening gift or unique Godchild Gift. You can choose between 2 sets!

  • Single Blanket: Purchase the individual blanket covered with the Bible verse $18
  • Bundle of 2 Blankets Set: Purchase the set of 2 blankets $33