Welcome Dreamer!

Your dreams are big deal! They matter to you, and they matter to God.

Acts 2:17 says, God will pour out his Spirit on ALL humanity through prophecy, visions and dreams!

What does that mean for you, the dreamer?

The dreams that you are having at night hold special meaning because God is pouring out His Spirit upon you and speaking straight to you!


God made this promise because He LOVES you, and loves to speak to His children.

God designed dreams to be one of the reliable ways to send messages for us to search out and discover. There are over 100 direct references to dreams in the Bible. In fact, about one-third of the Bible are dreams, visions and the actions ignited by those dreams and visions sent by God!

Your dreams are meant to propel you into greater intimacy with the One true God who made you and cares for you deeply!

Your dreams are meant to calibrate your direction and purpose so you fulfill the reason you are alive.

Your dreams are personal pictures telling the story written on your soul inviting you to come to God to be made whole, free and full of joy!

Do you want to…

  • learn to understand what your dreams are saying…
  • decode symbols in your dreams…
  • make sense of the jibberish and nonsense in your dreams…
  • know why certain people are in your dreams or why you dreamt that place?

Then the Dream Interpretation Journal is for you. In this journal, you will record your dreams & follow the steps provided to understand what your dreams mean.

Buy The Journal Here

If you want to have one of your dreams interpreted before you dive in and buy your own journal, request an interpretation here.

Dream interpretation: $30/dream
Order 3 dream interpretations and get a free dream interpretation journal!

Buy the Journal Here

If you order 3 Journals, you’ll receive a free Dream Interpretation!

If you want to have one of your dreams interpreted before you dive in and buy your own journal, request an interpretation here.

Dream interpretation: $30/dream
Order 3 dream interpretations and get a free dream interpretation journal!

You may be looking for a coaching session to process your dreams and their meanings if

  • you desire to connect deeper with God…
  • you are hungry to encounter more of God’s love…
  • you are ready to embark on an adventure of learning more about yourself and your purpose…
  • you long for more wisdom to navigate you on the path of life…

Dream-Processing sessions are coaching sessions that help you unpack the wisdom nestled in the messages of the dream. In these hourly sessions, you will leave with a clear understanding and plan on how to apply an interpretation in your daily practical life that will bring personal impact and deeper spiritual transformation!

At the end of a Dream-Processing Session, you can experience one of these goals depending upon what your dreams are saying to you:

  • Discover more of your unique and spiritual nature and identity and how that plays out in your daily life.
  • Identify what God has promised in your life and how to stand on it.
  • Recognize mindsets, cautions and behaviors that hinder or accelerate the fulfillment of your destiny.
  • Process and Strategize how to align with God’s intentions for your life.
  • Unpack deeper meanings behinds symbols and metaphors in your dreams.
  • Become your own personal expert at dream interpretation!

Yes! I want to go deeper with my dream interpretations! I want a Dream Processing Session!

1 Dream Processing Session ($90)

Best Choice! 3 Dream-Processing Sessions Package:

Buy 3 and get the Dream Interpretation Journal for Free!

"Dream interpretation is not as hard as some make it out to be. It gave me confidence in my interpretation skills."


"It's opened up the reality of God speaking through my dreams, and I have a deeper biblical understanding of dreams! I believe this course was a door opening to the prophetic. Vanderly has done a fantastic job of pointing us to the word and our heavenly father to lean on the understanding of dream interpretation."


"Learning about dream interpretation proved...Positively!!!! God is speaking!! It's incredible!"


"I've been curious about dream interpretation because I dream frequently. My biggest takeaway is how God/Holy Spirit really is speaking to us in dreams!"


"I loved learning about dream interpretation with Vanderly! I loved all of the biblical back up and how she encourages always listening to Holy Spirit and looking at biblical significance first. Also, you do not "follow" a particular teacher or formula but follow God's lead. The coaching gave more clarity and succinct instruction on how to categorize and different subject matter to always look at. Vanderly teaches you how to simplify a process that seems complicated. I now have such a deeper understanding of my dreams and know how to hone in my skill in understanding them."


"After 2 sessions with Vanderly, I have been able to interpret 2 of my dreams immediately!"


"I am so glad I signed up for a session! We used my dreams to teach me how to interpret! I feel so much more of how much God loves me and wants to encourage me at ALL hours of the day!"


"I can actually interpret my dreams! She gave a step by step process, greatly simplifying the difficulty of not knowing where to start."


"I have so much more awareness to keep track of my dreams, and I love the practical steps making it so much easier to interpret!"


"The material is clear and concise! The steps are practical and easy to follow!"


My name is Vanderly and my goal is to bring you into a transformative cycle that helps you come into full alignment with your identity, purpose and destiny! I’m a down-to-earth certified life coach and a parent of 3 for over 20 years. I understand what it’s like to be plagued by that “never good enough” feeling, to feel disconnected from God, or wanting to be more fulfilled in life but stuck on how to even go after that “more”. Through my own personal healing journey, I discovered the transformative presence and power of Christ, and want to share it with you! With wit and wisdom, coupled with my previous experience as a family pastor and missionary, and a dream interpreter for 13 years, I want to empower you to rediscover the free and joyful journey God has designed for you!
Vanderly Arnold


Professional Experience

  • Ordained Minister
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Prophetic and Intuitive Dream Interpreter for 13 years
  • Academic Coach in a Montessori Academy
  • Public speaker on parent education
  • Founded and directed 2 preschools
  • Traveled the states accrediting and consulting preschools
  • Created character development and discipleship materials for children, ages 5-10.
  • Created a 32-week curriculum on personal growth for teenagers
  • Dream Interpreter
  • Supervised a children’s home overseas
  • Homeschool mom and educator for 12 years